UCT Transition Programme

In 2014, TFG partnered with UCT on the launch of the 100UP+ project, now referred to as the 100UP Transition Programme. 

This project aims to bridge the transition from school to university life for those academically gifted 100UP first year university students from Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain, who have been accepted and are enrolled at UCT, improve 100UP students’ work readiness and self-confidence skills, as well as ensure 100UP students’ basic needs are met (food, warmth and access to technology).

In October this year, an Interview Boot Camp session was held to assist the students with their work readiness and interview skills, and included the following topics:

  • A typical job application process
  • How to navigate interviews including interview preparation
  • Q & A session
  • The importance of assessments and what to expect
  • CV references and how to identify credible referees

Some student comments on this session:

“Recruiters aren’t looking to catch us out, but are wanting to get to know us better.”

“I have learnt what corporates look for, the importance of relevance in CVs, and which references are useful.”

“I absolutely loved this session. It was so informative and useful, and the whole recruiting process was well explained and structured. Great questions were also asked, which contributed to my learning.”