44 individuals graduated as accredited Outreach Workers at ELRU (Early Learning Resource Unit) through a project that was made possible by the partnership between TFG and Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.

ELRU is an organisation that trains and empowers community workers to enter households and support families, assisting them with Early Childhood Development.

This programme emphasizes the importance of the integrated approach by the development of young children through quality early childhood development in a family setting. The core components of the programme include access of ECD services, preparation for schooling and the quality of life for the family unit.

The programme emphasizes the role of the family and the positive growth of children in vulnerable circumstances.

Since 2013, TFG has donated a total of R1million to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and will continue to support them with ELRU to empower more individuals.

 Doing good never goes out of fashion.