The Feel Good Project

The Feel Good Project (tfgP) is a self-sustainable social enterprise that provides unemployed youth with training, job creation and income opportunities in retail, garment repair and warehousing. This unique project is a partnership between TFG and NPO, Learn to Earn with the aim to empower trainees to provide for themselves and for their families. The project is self sustained by selling customer returned merchandise donated by TFG as well as buying available affordable TFG merchandise at competitive prices to the lower end consumer market and retail community entrepreneurs. The merchandise is then sold at our Feel Good Stores located in Khayelitsha and Claremont, Cape Town.

The project’s on-the-job programme has 3 phases:

1.     Recruit:

·         Recruit trainees in April and September each year

·         36 trainees per in-take; 20 Retail, 8 Repair Centre, 8 Warehouse = 72 trainees per training year

2.     Train

·         6 months on-the-job

·         Technical and soft skills training

·         Coaching, Mentoring, Performance Development and Discipline

3.     Place

·         New/additional graduates available for job placement in June and November each year

·         80% of graduates are placed within TFG's retail stores