Fabiani, in partnership with the TFG Foundation, has reached its R1m milestone in support of much-needed initiatives at The Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital.

The brand, well known for the trademark feature of every finely crafted shirt, a last Red Buttonhole, linked the design to the Hospital as a unique way of giving. Since 2008, a percentage of sales from every shirt sold is donated to The Children’s Hospital Trust – official fundraiser for the hospital.

“It was a clear link for us and we firmly believe that giving should be easy but have real impact. We’re proud of this example where we’ve worked with our customers and the Hospital to create safe spaces for the children of our country,” says Lyle Paul, Fabiani’s Senior Marketing Manager.

Over the past 10 years, the project has continued to grow in size and impact.

TFG’s corporate social responsibility mantra, “Educate to Empower”, also rings true to one of the most effective initiatives to date, The Red Cross Pre-Primary School and the Therapeutic Learning Centre.

The school focusses on bedside learning for children who spend extensive periods of time at the hospital. The schools follow the National CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements) curriculum, but adapt it where necessary to the needs of the individual. The focus is on the key learning areas: life orientation, numeracy, literacy and computer skills.

The Red Cross Children’s Hospital Primary School has continued to make a difference to approximately 1,600 children annually.  As a result of Fabiani’s generous donation the school was able to employ 2 Art Therapists, 2 Classroom Assistants, a therapeutic Yoga and Swimming teacher as well as a social worker and an Auditor & Accounts employee for 2019 to date.