TFG (The Foschini Group) houses our 22 leading retail brands with over 3 000 stores, 22 000 employees to serve more than 8.3 million customers worldwide.

TFG’s vision is to be the leading fashion lifestyle retailer in Africa whilst growing our international footprint by providing innovative products.

We believe that the youth are our future leaders and it is our collective responsibility to train and develop them into leaders who will positively impact the future of South Africa. That’s why our CSI mission is to “Educate to Empower (E2E)” across educational levels starting from Early Childhood Development to Post School education.

We have been inspired to contribute to the National Develop Plan (NDP) as they envision a nation where we embrace our full potential and opportunity is not determined by birth, but by ability, education & hard work.

At TFG, we believe that; doing good never goes out of fashion.

Meet our TFG CSI Team