TFG consists of 29 leading retail brands with over 3 000 stores, 22 000 employees and serves more than 8.3 million customers worldwide.

As a leading lifestyle retailer, it is our responsible to give back to our communities both financially and in-kind. The concept of paying it forward is significant to us and has become part of TFG’s ethos. It is equally important to us that we uplift the communities that both our employees and customers reside within. In order to successfully implement CSI, we have aligned our strategy with both the UN Sustainability Goals as well as the National Development Plan. Our objective is to support the goals relevant to our strategy such as promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. We have adopted a holistic approach to all our projects so that they are sustainable which ultimately results in uplifting communities.

TFG’s contribution has been made possible through our CSI vision:  to strengthen the communities in which we operate. Our mission is to establish meaningful projects by working together with communities in order to make a sustainable difference. 

TFG contributes in one way or another to many CSI projects across Africa and involvement in these projects grows annually because doing good never goes out of fashion!